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The representative of white farmers said that the South African government forces them to give away 30% of their land to black farmers. But black farmers do not produce anything and do not even try to do that. Now the white farmers are offered a way out by Georgia. Minister of Diaspora Affairs and Transvaall farmers' association signed a memorandum.


The memorandum sounds so far like a general statement of intention, but it allows development in various direction. The major point is the proposal to the farmers of Transvaal to move their businesses to Georgia.





 Boers in Georgia  (in Georgian)


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The head of Transvaal farmers said the following:


“Each farmer is to decide himself whether or not he moves to Georgia. Our major problem in Africa is safety. Since the black majority came to power they murdered more than 3000 white farmers. The police itself is often involved in those attacks. We do not even know whether they will leave us at least some of our land or not. However, we have experience and we are well-known on the international market...”

Willem de Klerk is the first South African who got Georgian citizenship.
He believes that it is a great idea to bring the farmers to Georgia. They have a lot to give to this country. The situation in South Africa is getting worse every day. If Georgia could guarantee their personal safety and respect their property then this idea will be quite successful.


Only six weeks passed after the signing of memorandum, and the delegation of Transvaal farmers arrived in Georgia. They came on behalf of 41,000 families who are waiting in South Africa for their impressions of Georgia, and hopefully that will encourage them to come here.


Minister Vano Merabishvili personally showed the guests how effective is the work of Georgian police. It took only ten minutes to issue the guests Georgian drivers’ licenses of  international standards and the guests were given personalized number plates as gifts. In South Africa such process would take up to 3 months.


The guests played rugby with Georgian officials,  took part in the October festival in Kaheti.and were  impressed with Georgian wine.